In the summer of 2013, one young man achieved his dream of earning his Bachelor of Games Design. He set upon the world to use the knowledge and skills he had gained through the 3 long years of learning at the Griffith University Queensland College of Arts.

It was only when he moved from the golden beaches that are the Gold Coast to the beautiful city of Brisbane where he obtained his first job working for a company called Fugro Roames. A innovative new company making a name for themselves in the field of Geospatial Information Systems (GIS). His job was to help with the creation of Roames Power, a Geospacial application which would rival that of Google Earth.

After spending almost 2 years, it was time to move onto new and exciting things, and to see what else the world had to offer. His next career move was that in the world of Virtual Reality.

The company Emerge-Worlds , an adventurous team specialising in V.R. games & learning, snatched Tim up in a heartbeat. There they produced two different prototypes, Cupid’s Bow; where you sit upon a cloud with your bow&arrow and penetrate the hearts of love, and Omni (now known as Dance Collider); A dancing game which got the player moving to some awesome beats and having a blast while doing it. It was an amazing experience and although the games were vastly different in their play styles, they both turned out to be fun and immersive.

Once the prototypes were completed it was time to move on. It was then Tim decided he needed to hone his skills. He needed to learn they ways of the masters of the I.T. industry which lead him to the exciting field of I.T. consultancy.

The fast paced and fast growing I.T. consulting company Patient-Zero. Here he honed his skills, learnt design patterns and discovered new technologies. For the past year he has worked on a number of different projects, From Tatts, a multi-million dollar company specialising in world-class diversified gambling entertainment, to Tritium, creators and producers of distinctive award-winning electric vehicle (EV) charging products.

As all good things come to an end, so does Tim’s time at Patient-Zero. Moving forward Tim set his eyes upon a new and upcoming company, District Technologies. Here he worked with skilled individuals to create a mobile application that combines gaming and fitness to create an experience like no other.

After a year of excitement developing the application District at District Technologies, it was time to move on yet again. There were more challenges ahead and new interests to discover. Tim managed to find placement with the company 1ICT where he worked across a number of different projects: Domino’s, Swimming Australia and SEQ.

Although Tim’s time at 1ICT was short, he would remember the experiences he gained from the numerous projects. From 1ICT, Tim found his new work-home back with Patient-Zero, where he currently works within a team of ambitious developers.

Exciting times are ahead in the life of Timothy Horvat and he can’t wait to face the challenges that arise!


He did some stuff and now works at Patient Zero, one of the leading new-age consultant companies working with the state-of-the-art technology and systems to deliver amazing products to clients.

Accomplishments and Awards

Q.C.A. Showcase Award
This prestigious art award was chosen by Richard Bell (an Australian artist and political activist) for the best artwork in the past ten years in the Queensland College of Art, Griffith University.

48 Hour Game Competition
Team Stallion, for the first time, participated in the annual “48 Hour Game Challenge” in 2014 where they won the Start Up (Newly Pro) division.

People’s Choice Award
The Gold Coast Creative Game Challenge 2016 which was held at Griffith University. The award was presented by Assoc Professor Bela Stantic on the 3rd of July, 2016.

Email : timhorvat@hotmail.com

LinkedIn : Timothy Horvat

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