Programming, Team Stallion

The Guardian

[2014] - The Guardian

The Guardian was created during the 2014 “48 Hour Game Challenge” where we had to create a game using three keywords which were given to us at the beginning of the 48 hours. The keywords for this year were; Sacrifice, Guard and Wave.

The game itself is set on a distant world were the planet’s core is dying. The only way to save this world is to SACRIFICE the last flame into the centre of the planet. You play as a Rhinosaurus Bug creatures who’s main purpose is to GUARD and protect this flame while travelling through the planets outer layers in order to reach the centre. In order to defend himself from the dangers that lay beneath him, he has taught himself to use a psychic WAVE which not only stuns enemies but can also, if strong enough, clear a path to travel.

In order to create this game we had to teach ourselves Unity’s new 2Dframework which was quite a fun and interesting experience. As well as teaching myself Unity2D, I was put in charge of creating a 4×4 grid of rooms for the player to explore as well as a randomised path through the rooms which allows the player to move around the level freely from the entrance to the exit without breaking any of the blocks. I also worked on a few other things such as; The player’s vitals and a few of the visual effects.

Additional Credits:

Nathan Jensen (Portfolio TBA)

Tylah Heil (Portfolio)

Benjamin James (Portfolio)

Tay Wilson (Portfolio TBA)