EmergeWorlds, Game Development, Programming

Dance Collider

[2017] - Dance Collider

Mid 2017, following Cupid’s Bow, I worked with EmergeWorlds on a second video game prototype called Dance Collider.

Dance Collider is a reactive rhythmic dance game within the virtual reality environment. The player would dance while hitting nodes which were created to match the beat of the music. What made this game an interesting experience was the ability to allow the user to select which songs they want to dance to and generate a new gameplay experience for each song.

Compared to our previous project, Dance Collider produced more challengers during production with the addition of music and beat reaction. Although these challengers seemed tough when first encountered with our team collaboration and brainstorming we were overcome any obstacles in our way.

It was a unique experience in which I was lucky enough to gain amounts of knowledge mixing the VR world and music to create what the industry calls a “Reactive” game. A game which differs on the gameplay experience depending on the music chosen by the player.


Below you can watch some of the teaser video for the upcoming game Dance Collider on the EmergeWorlds youtube channel.

EmergeWorlds, Game Development, Programming

Cupid’s Bow

[2017] - Cupid's Bow

At the beginning of May 2017 I was given the opportunity to work alongside the great people at EmergeWorlds to create Cupid’s Bow, a video game prototype for the HTC Vive.

Cupid’s Bow allows the player to assume the role of the Roman God Cupid as he is placed upon a cloud looking over a city below. The objective is to shoot the floating hearts as they ascend upwards towards the sky. Three different game modes were implemented during development which all consist of their own unique twists and challenges.

The technologies we utilised during the production for the Cupid’s Bow prototype included the game engine Unity and the HTC Vive virtual reality headset. As it was my first experience working on a game within the VR world, I learnt a lot while enjoying the new and exciting experience that only can be achieved within the virtual reality world.


Below you can watch some of the gameplay footage of Cupids Bow on the EmergeWorlds’ Youtube channel.