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Mage Rage

[2013] - MageRage

In the final year of University, the year was split into small groups where we each had to make a video game. I worked alongside three others to create our final game for our degree, Mage Rage.

Mage Rage is a First Person Puzzle Platformer set in a world of magic and mystery, where not even the fourth wall can protect you from the alcohol infused shenanigans of the College of Sandy-Crack and its intoxicated inhabitants.

For the duration of the game I worked mainly on the programming side. Although we were each given the opportunity to design and create our own levels for the game. This lead me to create my own models and artwork for the game as well.

Gameplay Trailer and Screenshots for the game can be found on the Team Stallion Facebook Page.

Also the game is available to download from IndieDB or GameJolt for Windows, Mac and Linux.


Additional Credits:

Ashleigh Barrett (Portfolio Link TBA)

Nathan Jensen (Portfolio Link TBA)

Tylah Heil (Portfolio Link)

Personal Work, Programming

Volcano Escape

[2012] - VolcanoEscape

Volcano Escape was a semester project during my second year at Griffith University. The game is created from the source code of a basic Super Mario Bros clone which was supplied from the University.

To get the game to this stage it consisted of altering and adding to the source code we were given. I added certain features which allowed the player to climb ladders and cables hanging from the ceiling.

The player takes control of a simple henchman who is trying to escape a collapsing volcanic lair. The game itself is a pretty simple side scroller which requires the player to reach the top of the level.


Dash of Destruction

[2010] - DashOfDistruction

Dash of Destruction was a simple flash game created over the period of 10 weeks. We all had equal input to the overall look and style of the game but  when it came to the code, I was the only programmer on the team. My job was to ensure the game was up to a certain standard while fixing any bugs and/or errors when we decided to add new content to the game.

The player takes on the role of a simple individual who is having a relaxing day at the beach. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, a giant tsunami forms offshore. They must then run away from the giant tsunami chasing him along the beach and various locations as the player dodges obstacles such as sandcastles, puddles and manholes.

Additional Credits:

Mitchell Geyer, Max Tobin and Sumit Mehta.