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Boston in a Bottle


At the beginning of 2016, Team Stallion participated in the Global Game Jam hosted by AJ Abotomey at the Gold Coast TAFE Campus. For this particular challenge we had a single keyword to base our game around; Ritual. With this keyword in mind, we came up with the idea to create Boston in a Bottle.

Boston in a Bottle follows the routine of a person through their everyday life from eating breakfast to going to work to returning home to going to bed. Following this ‘ritual’ puts the player in a endless cycle of repetitious mundane daily tasks. The objective is to simply break the sequence of events by doing something different. Which is turn, allows the player to experience something new and unexpected.

Although Team Stallion didn’t win an award for this game we did have fun and learnt a lot during the 48 hours creating this game. Boston in a Bottle is available for download from IndieDB for both Mac and Windows.

Additional Credits:

Nathan Jensen (Portfolio TBA)

Tylah Heil (Portfolio)