Programming, Team Stallion

Star Suckers


Team Stallion once again entered the “48 Hour Game Challenge” during 2015 to create the game Star Suckers. Utilising Unity’s 2D framework we were able to create a four player arena game. Of course, the challenge of the competition is to make a game based around 3 keywords. This year the keywords were; Swallow, Thief and Collapse.

In the four corners of the screen each player must maintain and prevent the collapse of their planetary system. In order to do this the player controls a starship which must harvest Hydrogen and Helium from the stars of neighbouring planetary systems. As more elements are taken from the stars; the smaller the orbit of the surrounding planets which eventually cause collapse of the star into a black hole, swallowing the planets.

Although this year Team Stallion didn’t quite take home the cup. We did have an amazing time during the creation of Star Suckers.

Additional Credits:

Nathan Jensen (Portfolio TBA)

Tylah Heil (Portfolio)

Michael Thompson (Portfolio TBA)

Tristan Edwards (Portfolio TBA)


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